Our Vision

Establish an accredited Institute for Islamic higher education in Australia,

Provide traditional Islamic education, in order to prepare professional, intellectual spiritual leaders, and

Make students sound in the Islamic scholarly tradition and also conversant with the cultural currents and critical ideas which shape modern society.

Our Mission

Provide our students with high standards of Islamic education,

Emphasize on moral and spiritual values,

Aid growth in the sense of identity and responsibility as a Muslim in a multicultural society, and 

Contribute to developing better communities by educating people, and as a result, making Australia an even better place to live.

Our Services

Our goal is our community.

Islamic Learning.

Community Focus Services.

Community Outreach Programs.

Jummah Prayers.


Our Volunteers

 All operations of Tayyiba Institute are run by volunteers, including administration, teaching, maintenance, etc.


These are the individuals who are committed to making a sacrifice to their personal lives in order to improve the future of Muslims in Australia.