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Tayyiba institute


Islamic Scholar Course, Quran Hifz, Learning Quran, Short courses and workshops.


Weekly Juma and daily salat, Nikah, Janaza, Aqeeqa, Qurban, Conversion to Islam.


Marriage and family issues, mental health, children and youth counselling etc.


Annual Mawlid, Eid Festivals, Community BBQs, Interfaith Dialogues etc.


Helping poor and needy with education, healthcare and social well-being.


Modern and well-equipped facilities are available for small and large gatherings.

learning our 
Learning about

our courses

1. Scholar Course:

  • Become a scholar of Islam

2. Hifz ul Quran:

  • Become a hafiz of Quran

3. Learn Quran:

  • Learn to read the Quran

The way of teaching at Tayyiba institute is very nice and relevant to our day-to-day practical life. I always wanted to learn these small basics of Islam and Tayyiba, Alhamulilah has given me this wonderful opportunity to do so. May Allah SWT bless Tayyiba institute.

Mamoona Qasim

Scholar course certificate 1

I made a lot of progress in my memorization ever since I started going for classes at Tayyiba Institute. The teacher is very patient and lets each student progress at their own pace.

Haikal Zain

Hifz student

I enrolled in the Islamic scholar course certificate1 offered by Tayyiba institute. I really enjoyed it as it helped me not only to understand the fundamental principles of Islam but also the application of such principles in my daily life. I would strongly recommend this course to other young people so they can transform their lives according to the teachings of Islam.

Bilal Ahmad

Scholar course certificate 1

Tayyiba Institute

About Tayyiba Institute

Tayyiba Institute Australia was founded in 1999 by renowned Islamic Scholars, Sahibzada Hafiz Muhammad Abdul Wahid and Shaykh Riaz Ahmad Tahir. Ever since, it has been providing quality Islamic education to students, in order to make them well grounded in Islamic scholarly tradition as well as modern cultural currents of society.

Tayyiba Institute works with Mercy to the Worlds, Pakpattan, Pakistan. A Welfare Organisation which works for poor and needy providing them healthcare, social well-being and education.

Tayyiba Institute also provides professional services for mental health, domestic and family issues, as well as counselling of children and youth.

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learn from experts

Our Teachers

dr riyad asvat

Islamic History & Fiqh

hafiz abdul wahid

Islamic Studies & Tajweed

dr ashir ahmad

 ICT & eLiteracy

Alama Riaz Ahmad

Arabic & Usoolud Deen


We are located in Victoria, Australia. Address: 25 Bambra Cres Cranbourne West

We are a registered non-profit organisation and a registered charity as well.

All teachers at Tayyiba Institute are fully qualified including scholars, hafiz and teachers of Quran.

Classes are available on-site as well as online.

Classes are available for both females and males.