Our Services

Jummah Prayers

Lynbrook Community Center, 2 Harris Street Lynbrook VIC at 1:45 PM.

Arrangements for ladies are available.


Community Outreach

Youth Workshops, Public Talks, Seminars and Conferences. Islamic Awareness Programme.


Islamic Learning

A range of courses offered for adults and children including short courses as well as detailed ones. more details


Interfaith Dialogue

Interfaith program builds  better understanding and harmony between multifaith comminutues.




Islamic Awareness Talks,

Mosque Visit,

Youth Development,

Openness and Interfaith Talks



Nikah and Marriage,

Family Counselling,

New Muslim Support,

Janaza Salaat and Welfare



Iftars in Ramadan, 

Eid ul Fitr, 

Eid ul Adha, 

Annual Mawlid Festival

Interfaith Harmony


Tayyiba Institute Interfaith program works to build good relations, better understanding, and tolerance among the communities of all the major faiths.


Tayyiba has been a very active member of the Interfaith Network of the City of Greater Dandenong since 2002. Regularly participating in interfaith seminars and conferences and representing the true values of Islam.

Hire at Tayyiba

Hall for Hire


180 people

TIA has a modern Hall for hire. It has all the necessary facilities to cater from small groups to large gatherings. Hall can be hired for any community focus function.


Ground-level accommodate 100 people and  Mezzanine level up to 80 people.

Equipment for Hire


Sound system

The equipment present at TIA is also available to the community to hire at affordable rates.


Items will be provided in working condition. Any faults or damage incurred during the hire, will be charged.