Our Education

Islamic Learning


Hafiz Quran

A complete Quran Hifz program which is aimed at children as well as adults.


Learning Quran

Learn to read the Quran. Starting from alphabets, and then working your way up to reading the Quran fluently. This course is taught at Tayyiba as well as Online.



A range of courses offered for adults and children including short courses as well as more detailed ones.


Children Courses

Short courses for children aimed at enabling them to learn the essential knowledge of religion. Topics include but not limited to: 

-  Taharah (Purification)

-  Transition from Childhood to Adulthood

-  Manners and Etiquettes in Islam

For more details and dates please contact us.


Adult Courses

These courses are offered at TIA as well as Online. They are run several times throughout the year. Topics include:

-  Writing Islamic Will

-  Islam and Mental Health

For more details and dates please contact us.


Detailed courses

These courses are offered at TIA as well as Online: 

-  Purification of Inner Self, Seerah of Prophet SAW

-  Quran Tafseer, Essentials of Islam

-  Arabic Language

-  Certificate levels 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 in Islamic Studies

For more details and dates please contact us.



Ask Imam





TIA has an extensive library onsite. It includes books on Hadith, Quran translation, Tafseer, Educational material for children and adults. People are welcome to visit and take advantage of this extensive collection.

People can ask their questions with anonymity and get their answers from Ulemas and Muftis registered with Tayyiba Institute. These questions and answers may be then posted on the TIA website blog with anonymity for others to take benefit from.

TIA publishes books, booklets, journal(s), newsletters, presenting rulings and understandings about various aspects of Islamic Law - specially those of immediate practical importance in the life-circumstances of Muslims in Australia and around the world.