About us

Islam and other Faiths in Australia

 Australia is truly a multicultural society having a population of 22 million that represents people from 270 different nationalities practicing their own religions and faiths. Among them, there are more than half a million Muslims. Followers of the Islamic Faith are an integral part of the society, culture and economy.

 Operations and Activities

Educational courses ranging from beginner to advanced level are offered. These are offered at TIA as well as online. These provide students with knowledge to implement an Islamic lifestyle whilst living in a multicultural society. 


In addition to that, activities like sports, social events, outdoor activities, religious gatherings for various occasions like Mawlid, Aqeeqa, Quran Recitation, Dua etc are organized in order for people to worship, interact, learn and integrate. Muslims from all nationalities are welcome.

History of Tayyiba Institute Australia (TIA)

 Sahibzada Hafiz Muhammad Abdul Wahid, Allama Riaz Ahmad Tahir and a team of dedicated and committed members from Muslim community in Melbourne founded Tayyiba Institute Australia in 1999.