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Degree Programme

Degree Program (4 years bachelor in Islamic law and theology):

Tayyiba Institute dedicated to the traditional curriculum that was found common in the great teaching institutions of the past. These include Quran, Hadith, Jurisprudence,  Spirituality, Psychology, humanities and social sciences.

The Alim course lasts for four years. The purpose of this course is to provide students with intensive basic Islamic Studies which will give them an academic working knowledge of Ilme-Deen. Students concentrate on learning the Arabic language (Sarf & Nahw) that will enable them to study a series of classic texts found in all traditional institutions.

This course is useful for a variety of students, particularly those who want to go into higher education at Universities and desire a solid foundation in Islamic Studies. The Degree serves as a beneficial course to those in employment or businesses who wants a break from the usual chaos and thrive on an academic challenge.

The Alim course also benefits new Muslims who want to apply themselves to gain broad and intensive knowledge of Islam. It is ideal for those who wish to become Imam, Social Worker, Mosque Committee Members and Community Leaders.

Course listing and descriptions for the proposed four-year curriculum, will be

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