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Public & Adult Education

Muslims constitute a considerable, if yet numerically very small, portion of Australian population. As Australian Muslims they find themselves in a somewhat unique situation where they try to live by both the secular Australian Law as good citizens, and - at the same time - by Shari’ah Law, as good religious people. The situation of Australian Muslims in this matter is in a way, like that of British Europeans, after the UK's joining the European Community - whereupon each British citizen is governed not only by British Law, but tries to live also by European Community Law. Muslims in other countries governed by one or other form of Civil Law are in a similar situation.

A lack of even a basic understanding of both the Australian and the Islamic systems of Law by which the Muslims in Australia try to live, sometimes create unnecessary unease, and confusion in the minds and life situations of many of these Muslims. These situations range from workplace circumstances involving lunch breaks, to marriage and divorce, to foreign policy issues and full participation in the community life. In almost all the circumstances, there are perfectly legal and religiously correct ways of staying within the limits of both the Australian and the Shari’ah Laws at the same time. Yet, a lack of understanding about the two concurrently lived by Laws creates the difficulty. It is believed that a proper awareness about the basics of both the Australian and Shari’ah Laws would remove this difficulty and help the Australian Muslims contribute with greater and fuller strength in the building of Australian community life - by piety and good citizenship. This would also help them follow their religion in the purest form, without having to make impermissible and unwarranted compromises. At the same time, an understanding at this level amongst other faiths as well, will greatly help the cause of building bridges of understanding and further develop a truly harmonious multicultural Australia on the basis of respect and friendship for all.

To achieve the above goals the following programs have been initiated:

Public, Adult and Supplementary Education

It is out of such a realisation that the Institute of Shari’ah Law and Supplementary Studies under the Tayyiba Institute Public Education Programme has been initiated as a means of raising awareness, and educate the public about the basics of Shari’ah Law in the first instance; and of Australian Law as supplementary to that.

Research & Publication

The Institute's task of raising public / community awareness, and propagation of education about Shari’ah Law, its harmonious application side by side with Australian Law, and other supplementary matters such as standards of Islamic piety, morality and good citizenship, as well as a healthy productive attitude towards earning a good living - would be carried on through a programme of research and publication.

The Institute publishes books, booklets, journal's, newsletters and similar material, presenting rulings and understandings about various aspects of Shari’ah Law - especially those of immediate practical importance in the life-circumstances of Muslims in Australia. One of the important works in this area would be providing clarification on the various differences seen amongst Muslims from various ethnic and madh'habic backgrounds, in the practice of the same religious rituals or rules. This, not only to help them practice the religion in the purest form, but also to help understand and respect permissible differences in a spirit of mutual love, respect and unity. Points would be clarified with satisfactory references to relevant Qur'anic ayah(s) and hadiths of the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah, sallallahu 'alayhi wa aalihi wa sallam. A series of publications in the area of 'Aqidah, Salat, Ramadan and Zakat have already been completed.

Public Talks, Seminars & Conferences:

The task of enhancing a proper understanding of Shari’ah Law, and its supplementary subjects - both in the purely religious and the secular areas - will be conducted also through series' of public talks on timely topical Islamic matters of immediate practical interest; as well as in more academic seminars and conferences. The Institute's has already hosted a number of such public talks, e.g. on Ramadan, Zakat, Hajj, Umrah, Qurbani/Adha, Interfaith harmony and Peace conference.


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