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Tayyiba Institute is situated in Narre Warren South, approximately 40 kilometres south east of central Melbourne. It is a vibrant, multicultural community with a population of approximately 132,000 people. We estimate that approximately 20,000 Muslims reside in this community. The diversity of cultures is amazing in this part of Melbourne.

Travel by air

The nearest international airport is Tullamarine, Melbourne, approximately 50 kilometres distance from institute.

Travel by Rail

The closest railway stations are Hallam station and Narre Warren station.

Islamic Library and Resource Centre

Tayyiba Institute has established a well-equipped Islamic Library, open to its students. Collections include: VCDs, CDs, videos, audio cassettes, and books. There are many classical books (collections of Hadiths, Tafseer of Quran and other special masterpieces) and contemporary books on various subject areas.


Melbourne usually enjoys mild weather, with occasional changes in conditions throughout the day. Most of the year, temperatures vary between 15 – 26 degrees. Summer (December-February), Autumn (March-May), Winter (June-August), Spring (September-November). During Summer, there are a few hotter days – up to 40 degrees.

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