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After graduation from the Alim degree, inshaAllah, we will see our young men

The unique advantage of studying at Tayibainstitute is that students have the opportunity to study Islam and other studies (TAFE or university) at the same time. If students apply themselves and commit to serious study, they are able to complete the 4 Year Alimdegree or Certificate in another discipline (Business studies, Accounting, Engineering, Food Technology, Computing, etc).

After graduation, there are several pathways:

Continue advanced Islamic studies at an overseas Islamic University or Institute or

Commence a professional career in the second discipline of study.

and women participating as responsible Muslim citizens in the global community. These young Muslim people are going to be the torch-bearers of our Umma. They are going to be the future Mothers and Fathers of the next generation.   

With the extra Islamic knowledge that they have gained, they will be better equipped to act as a responsible Muslims / Mothers / Fathers / employees / Imams / employers. They will make us proud to be called “Muslims” and will make us realise again that the Ummah of Sayyidina Muhammad (s.a.w.) is the best Ummah since the time of Adam (a.s.).


Please Email Tayiba Institute to express your interest in teaching at the institute.


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