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About us

All praise is due to Allah (subhanhu wa ta’ala) the Creator and Sustainers of the universe, and blessing upon His last beloved prophet, Muhammad (sallalahu alayhi wa salam). May Allah (subhanhu wa ta’ala) raise the status of our beloved prophet and his companions and protect his Ummah (nation) from that which he fears for it.


It cannot be denied that the protection and advancement of the Muslim Ummah co-relates with the practice of the Deen “ISLAM”. It has been established that Islam has become deep-rooted in a particular land that produces its own religious scholars. A glance at the Muslim Ummah of today shows how far the Ummah has drifted from the original teachings of Islam. 


Australia is truly a multicultural society having a population of 22 million that represents people from 270 different nationalities practicing their religions and faiths. Among them, there are more than one million Muslims living in Australia and these numbers are rapidly growing in Australia. Yet, there are no accredited Islamic academic institutions capable of training students in the varied sciences of Islam, while also imbedding in them a sophisticated understanding of the intellectual history and culture of the West. Clearly, there is an essential need for Muslim institutions that can join Islam’s classical texts with the contemporary context.


Islamic education is not about learning Islam, but is a unique system of education, in which students acquire knowledge in various disciplines (Arts, Science, Humanities, Mathematics and Human Psychology).


This present condition has led to two alarming situations. First, there are very few Muslim scholars who can meet the religious and pastoral needs of a rapidly growing Muslim community in Australia. Second, much of our younger generation has become alienated from the mosque and from religious culture.

From Vision to Reality

Since its founding by Sahibzada Hafiz Muhammad Abdul Wahid in 1999, Tayyiba Institute has been attempting to address these issues through a variety of educational programs. Tayyiba’s vision has always been to create a lasting institution of higher learning. To that end, we launched a 2 years foundation diploma in (Islamic sciences) program in 2003 that graduated 4 students in 2006.

Future Program

Based on our experience with the experimental program, we are planning to establish the first accredited Muslim institute in Australia.

Tayyiba Institute will function at a level comparable to the best of religious college and general institutions of higher education in Australia. We have carefully designed a rigorous curriculum in Islamic Studies and Arabic, as well as in the humanities and social sciences, so our students can confidently navigate the cultural, political, and intellectual currents that are shaping our world. We are also planning to seek accreditation from accrediting bodies in Australia, as well as recognition from major educational institutions in the Muslim world

Tayyiba wants to produce scholars who understand the specific needs of contemporary societies. God willing, Tayyiba Institute will prepare students for a meaningful life as compassionate, productive, and educated citizens of the global community who understand Islam as a living, viable, and relevant faith, and who represent that faith with dignity, wisdom, and honor.

Our beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) propagated the final message of Allah (s.w.t.) to mankind and developed his unassuming companions into the most vibrant Ummah that changed and civilized the whole of humanity. The Tayyiba Institute seeks to recreate the same spiritual ambience in its students by imparting the knowledge of Islam and to develop them to be the torch bearers of the Ummah.

Currently programs of studies are being offered at Tayyiba Institute

·         Qur’aan classes for children


·         Short courses for adults under public & adults education program


·         Foundation certificate 1 and 2 in Islamic Sciences

Permanent premises for an Islamic College in Australia

Currently Tayyiba Institute is based at a leased building. With the Grace of Allah, Tayyiba Institute is planning to purchase its own building in Melbourne that will, God willing, be the foundation for the thriving campus we envision.

We plan on raising funds for the purchase of a suitable building. We invite you to join us as we establish a permanent academic address for Islam in Australia.

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