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Quran School

Traditionally, in Islamic societies, the first education that children received was memorizing the Quran. In an effort to revive and preserve this tradition, we have started the Tayyiba Schoolof Quran Memorization. We pray that implementation of this sunnah will add blessings to all of our lives and alleviate some of the hardships being endured by the Ummah.

Children from 5 years to 14 years old are taught how to read and memorise Quran. Students learn the basic alphabet (alif, ba, ta…), all the grammatical rules of reading Quran and begin to memorising Surahs of the Quran. This is the introduction to the Hifzclasses.


Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM.

Student’s expectations:

Dress code:

All students are required to wear proper Islamic clothing. Clothing must be loose fitting. Students are not allowed to wear t-shirts with logos or any type of jeans. If they do they will be taken out of class and sent home. Also, avoid wearing any brand-name clothing. Sport-shoes are preferred.


Long trousers and a long shirt (arms-length) or traditional ethnic clothing are required. Boys are also required to wear kufis.


Ankle-length trousers or skirts with long shirts (arms-length) or traditional ethnic clothing are required. Girls are required to wear head scarves that cover all their hair.


As students who are working towards memorizing the Book of Allah, all students are expected to take the program very seriously and to have proper adab (Islamic manners) with Allah, Allah's Book, the teachers, fellow students, and the property. In addition, as memorization requires time and effort from both student and teacher, students are expected to work daily on their memorization, making memorization and review a part of their daily activities. Students are expected to come to every class session on time with all assignments completed, and with their book, notebook and a pencil. Any student who comes unprepared will be sent home. They should avoid activities that take away from the preservation of the memory such as watching television and eating foods that are haram or unhealthy. Please note: lack of adab and/or commitment may result in expulsion.

Registration and Orientation: (for Hifz Ul Quran class admission is open all year)

In order to be registered, students need to have an approved, completed application on file. This includes:

• A completed application

• A reference letter from your child's Imam/teacher/school counsellor (must be a non-family member)

• Photo-ID (of your child)

Parents may also submit an application to the office or via email to admin@tayyibainstitute.org Applications will be dated and students will be accepted based on a review of the completed application on a first come first served basis. Any incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Notification of acceptance:

After review of applications, notification of acceptance into the program will be made. The sooner you send in your completed applications, the sooner our staff will be able to review the applications and respond to you. Incomplete applications will not be accepted, so please make sure that your application is complete.


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