Alhamdulilah Tayyiba institute has purchased its own premises in Cranbourne West Vic. (Heart of rapidly growing Muslim area) Building will be ready in June 2016 InshAllah. We need $300000 by May 2016. Please donate generously. .
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New Courses: 

Coming soon InshAllah 

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Meelad An Nabi SAW

Date: 19 December

Time: 6pm

Venue: 48 Lake View Drive Narre Warren South Vic

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Assalamu Aliakum! respected community members, Tayyiba Institute striving its best to establish a dynamic Islamic institute in Australia that offers effective and high quality education in Islam and its disciplines, accessible to a diverse range of learners.

Tayyiba institute needs the community’s financial support. Therefore, it has started BRICK-BY-BRICK CAMPAIGN TO BUILD A PERMANENT LEARNING CENTRE IN AUSTRALIA. Please donate generously...

Account details:

q Acc Name:Tayyiba Educational Trust Fund

q Bank: Westpac 

q BSB: 033341 Account #: 605076

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Assalamualiakum Dear Brothers/Sisters 

Tayyiba Institute is a non-profit, non-sectarian and non-governmental organization, and is a part of Rehmat-ul-lil-Alameen Trust, which operates in three countries of the world. Its focus is on education, health and social welfare of the people. Tayyiba Institute, Melbourne, Australia has been successfully operating since 1999, and currently provides the following services:


  1. Quran Learning Classes
  2. Courses on Islamic Studies
  3. Interfaith Dialogues
  4. Multicultural Festivals and Social Activities
  5. Weekly Lectures and Religious Gatherings


Our premises will be ready in June 2016. We need another $300000 by May 2016 InshAllah. 

We can not achieve this without your support. We encourage you to contribute in this great cause and earn endless Sadaqa-e-Jariyah. You can be a part of it by donating just $10/month or more. You will have to fill out a Monthly Donation Form and send it back to us. Your donations will go towards making payments for the Mussala/Tayyiba Institute building. All debits will occur via Ezypay Pty Ltd, a registered company with Australian Payments Clearing Association. The debits can be suspended or cancelled by request at any time. Secondly, you can also donate a Musallah. It is $1000.

Best Regards,

Sahibzada Hafiz Muhammad Abdul Wahid

Ladies Meelad/Fundraising for Tayyiba Institute 

Date: 24 January 2016

Time: 11.00 AM


482 Springvale Road

Springvale Vic 


Dear Brothers,

Jumma Prayer in Lynbrook Vic 

Starting on 25th December 2015 

Sahibzada Hafiz Muhammad Abdul Wahid will lead the Jumma Salat inshAllah

Time: 1.45pm Sharp every Friday

Venue: Lynbrook Community Centre

2 Harris Street Lynbrook Vic

Sahih Bukhari: - Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah's Apostle said, "If any one of you improve (follows strictly) his Islamic religion then his good deeds will be rewarded ten times to seven hundred times for each good deed and a bad deed will be recorded as it is."
25/12/2015 Meelad An Nabi SAW
09/12/2015 Tayyiba Institute Highlights of 2015
13/02/2016 Tayyiba Annual Meelad An Nabi SAW Conference
02/05/2015 Weekly Majlis Zikr (Mens only)
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